U.S. 出口管制电子研讨会.S. 公司

This 出口合规培训学院, Inc. (ECTI) export compliance e-研讨会 series provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with comprehensive information on complying with export compliance 规定 administered by the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce and Treasury. It also highlights what recent changes mean for their compliance programs.

Export Control Reform (ECR) changes have relaxed the controls on most defense-related items and technology, but made understanding and complying with the 规定 even more complicated. The shift of most military and space items from the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) to the 耳朵 (Export Administration Regulations) forces exporters to learn the highly complicated ins and outs of the 耳朵. The good news is that the complex rules impose significantly less compliance burdens and fewer compliance-based export delays. 如果你学会了这些规则, you will be able to export sooner and reduce the costs of compliance, 给你一个竞争优势.


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两个ITAR & 耳朵/ OFAC e-研讨会s
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  • Nine hours of comprehensive training broken down into 模块 that can be started and stopped at any time
  • A supplement with the latest regulatory updates
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We have adapted our two-day comprehensive live seminars into e-研讨会s.

E-研讨会s combine videos of highly respected expert, 斯科特Gearity, alongside the actual PowerPoint presentations shown at our live seminars. Scott has over 15 years of experience in the field of US export controls. 查看客户评论



  • U.S. companies, universities, research laboratories and government entities that need to understand how U.S. export rules (耳朵, ITAR and OFAC) apply to, and impact, their organization in the U.S. 在世界各地
  • Global trade compliance personnel who need to understand how the U.S. rules apply to their operations in the U.S.
  • 班.S. companies and governments that want to understand how the U.S. 规则影响他们的美国.S.美国的商业伙伴和他们的美国合作伙伴.S.的操作
    合规 and legal personnel from all of the above who seek current, 实用, 有组织的, 环球app下载安装地址美国的全面指导.S. 规定, 包括执法工作, 许可, and incorporating export compliance best practices that will help to avoid costly violations



ITAR管制(适用于美国.S. 公司)


  • 主要管理机构
  • ITAR合规资源


  • ITAR管制活动
  • 向外国人释放
  • 国防服务问题
  • 容易忘记许可交易

Jurisdiction:  What is a “Defense Article”?

  • 管辖权:耳朵 vs. ITAR
  • 新大学.S. 弹药列表
  • 如何阅读新的USML分类
  • ITAR“特别设计”的定义 & 影响
  • 特殊分类问题
  • 商品管辖权裁定

登记 and Empowered Official Issues

  • 如何在DDTC注册
  • 注册相关的问题
  • Considerations for Designating “Empowered Officials”


  • 禁止国家
  • 禁止/不合格方
  • “重要军事装备”
  • 高度限制物品
  • 国会通知事项
  • 红旗


  • 什么是豁免?
  • 排除项目和国家
  • 重要的ITAR 123-16豁免
  • 加拿大的豁免
  • UK & 澳大利亚的豁免
  • 外国军售(FMS)豁免


  • 许可证和. 协议
  • 许可证申请的艺术
  • D-trade
  • DSP-5应用程序
  • 外国人从业许可证
  • 销售许可证


  • mla / TAAs /仓库 & 分销协议
  • 协议的应用程序
  • 协议的指导方针
  • Drafting the Technical Scope for 协议
  • 双重/第三国国民雇员
  • 分许可权
  • 政府覆检程序 & 检查License状态
  • DDTC Authorizations Options Across Program Phases

ITAR Administration, Documents and 航运

  • 航运 & 出口文件
  • 货运代理和报关行
  • 临时许可证
  • AES
    • Filing Electronic Export Information (EEI)
    • 等待时间和AES响应
  • 附表B及HTS分类
  • 环球app下载安装地址要求
  • 报告要求
  • 修正案


  • Brokering: 需求, 登记, Prior Approval and Reporting
  • Political Contributions, Fees and Commissions
  • 反海外腐败法


  • 技术数据的定义
  • Exclusion for Basic Marketing Information
  • Exclusion for General System Description
  • 公共领域问题
  • 豁免


  • Building an Effective 合规 Program
  • 许可和. 合规
  • 谁该负责?
  • 书面程序和程序
  • 记录保存要求
  • 手工运输
  • Customizing Procedures to Match Your Situation
  • 技术数据的特别问题 & 软件。


  • Enforcing Agencies: US Customs and Border Protection
  • Enforcement Methods, Fines and Penalties
  • 什么构成违反国际贸易法条例?
  • 民事处罚的个人责任
  • Responding to Subpoenas and Investigations
  • 如果你发现违规…
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosure Considerations
  • Case Studies:  Recent Enforcement and Audit Actions

耳朵/耳朵管制(美国.S. 公司)


  • US Export Control Policy and Primary Regulations (ITAR / 耳朵/耳朵)
  • 耳朵各部分的路线图


  • Controlled Items / Activities: Commodities, 软件。, and 技术
  • Exports, Reexports and In-country Transfers
  • 非美国原产产品.S. 原产地内容或技术数据
  • 视同出口及再出口
  • 其他受规管活动


  • 管辖权:耳朵 vs. ITAR; Which Agency Has Authority?
  • How to Classify an Item: Determining and Reading the ECCN
  • The Commerce Control List: 耳朵99, 600-Series, and other ECCNs
  • 覆核令
  • “Specially Designed” Definition, Exclusions and 影响
  • 申请官方分类

技术 & 软件的分类

  • Determining ECCN for 技术 and 软件。
  • Definition of “Export” for 技术 and 软件。
  • Items Not Subject to the 耳朵; “Publicly Available”
  • Fundamental Research / Educational Information / Patent Applications


  • NLR决心
  • 使用商业国家图表


  • ECCN-based 许可例外 (STA, GBS, CIV, LVS, ENC)
  • Situation-based 许可例外 (RPL, TMP, GOV)
  • License例外限制
  • 许可例外 Issues for 600-Series and 9X515
  • 技术数据 and 软件。 许可例外 (TSU, TSR, ENC, TMP, CIV)
  • Wassenaar报告

最终用途 & 终端用户的控制

  • Prohibited Parties / Embargoed Countries / Proliferation Activities
  • Military 最终用途 /User (China, Russia, Venezuela)
  • 红旗, 耳朵 General Prohibitions and Antiboycott


  • When and How to Make a License Application to BIS
  • 特殊支持文件 & 需求
  • SNAP-R / Electronic Filing / License Review Process


  • Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) and Automated Export System (AES)
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Schedule B
  • 出口单据及运输
  • Special 需求 for 600-Series and 9X515
  • 目的控制语句


  • Effective 合规 Plans and EMCP Core Elements (BIS)
  • 资源:我可以去哪里寻求帮助?
  • Export 合规 Transaction Checklists and Automation
  • 建立分类矩阵
  • 法规遵从性经常崩溃的领域

再出口:美国何时.S. 规则适用于美国以外地区.S.?

  • General Guidelines and 谁该负责 for Reexport 合规
  • Special Rules for 600-Series and 9X515 U.S. 内容
  • 含美国产品的外国产品.S. 零部件或技术


  • 禁运国家目的地:
    • 古巴
    • 伊朗
    • 朝鲜
    • 叙利亚
  • 对苏丹和克里米亚的制裁
  • 对俄罗斯的管制不断演变


  • Enforcement Fines, Penalties and Case Studies
  • Subpoenas, Investigations and Voluntary Self Disclosures
  • 预防和处理违法行为